Saturday, June 5, 2010

Forest Family Records

This post is actually about a record label instead of a band. It's about Forest Family Records, a lil' label started in the end of march by the guys at GorillavsBear and Weekly Tape Decks. Gorilla vs Bear is my fave music blog and the only one I check regularly (check it out at He posts a lot of dreamy, ethreal, washed out kind of music as well as lo-fi, retro poppy sort of stuff. He was one of the first to pick up on "chillwave" and guys like Memory Tapes, Neon Indian, etc. He also posts loads of free mp3s which is always really nice. He started making monthly mixes this year, and they're always really enjoyable to listen to. I don't really know anything about WTD, but it seems rather nice I suppose. Decide for yourself at

Anyways, I have really high hopes for this label. They've only just started, so it's understandable that they've only got two releases at the moment. However, as the ol' sayin' goes, it's quality over quantity. Their two releases are 7" by Cults and Gauntlet Hair. These two bands rule. Both the 7" are sold out at the moment actually, which is unfortunate, but that should show that they are indeed awesome. They've got a new 7" coming soon by the rather excellent Sleep Over as well. Based on their current roster and the good taste of their two blogs, I'm kinda hoping that Forest Family will be something like I think Sub Pop used to be, when they released tons of singles and even if you hadn't even heard of the band, their releases were probably worth buying anyway just because you held the label in such high esteem. Anyways, keep your ears open and buy some stuff. DIY and "true indie" labels like this aren't easy to run I assume, but they really are worth it, so it's worth your money to support Forest Family.

Oh, also, all the tracks they've released so far on the 7" are available for free mp3 download on their site. Killer!

GAUNTLET HAIR // I was thinking... from caitlin mcnichols on Vimeo.

- Alec (found a new way to stream tracks again! woohoo!)

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