Thursday, June 9, 2011


former heartthrob XO KID is being stuck doing whatever in your middle-upper-middle-upper class-teen-life going to school (public/private but probably public) and going to your "shit ass" part time job to make money for college or just because you "have to" get a job this summer or whatever and being so bored (so bored) but you stick through this because what else is there that's better to do it totally sucks where you are nothing goes on and you wish you lived in the city and you wait through all this (hating it) until that show or that weekend or that friday or that new mp3 download or going skating or summer when everything seems good and you realise "yeah, this sucks" but only most of the time and while you can't wait to be somewhere else and leave high school you are in the perfect place "for me" (even rondout valley) and it's all worth it when you finally have that moment.

XO KID is that moment. THE SLUMP is that moment. XOKID09 is that moment