Sunday, April 24, 2011


happy easter and all that


I apologize a lot (about lack of posting). There is maybe a semi-legitimate reason here though, as I was in San Francisco for about half my spring break, so I couldn't have posted then. Anyways, as a present of sorts here is a mix to celebrate the spring season and the feeling of not-being-cold.


1. Rangers - Deerfield
2. Sweet Draemz - WALSH
3. Honesty - Weed Diamond
4. Dreaming - Seapony
5. I Can Be Dreamy - COOLRUNNINGS
6. The Air Was Cold, But The Sun Was Hot - XO Kid
7. 'I Love Money Island' - Stay Cool Forever
8. Drastic and Difficult - Big Troubles
9. Horse Steppin' - Sun Araw
10. It Doesn't Mean Shit - Golden Ages
11. Salao - Branches
12. Macaulay Culkin - Workout Culture
13. A Big Fan of the Pigpen - Guided by Voices
14. In Your Room - Ghost Animal
15. Lemonade - Braids
16. Planet Party - Games


regular posting will resume shortly, i imagine


Sunday, April 10, 2011

Mister Hipp

Yo Hey I know how much you're craving a normal post, so I've no choice but to oblige. Today I'll show you some work by cartoonist Dan Hipp (a.k.a. MisterHipp.) Dan has illustrated a number of graphic novels, including the solo project Gyakushu!, and Amazing Joy Buzzards. Outside of his comic work, he makes a lot of nerdy pop-culture illustrations. His illustrations are generally done in this style: not-too-detailed but very expressive characters with exaggerated proportions and gestures, and dreamy gradient fills. His drawings are simple and cute, with inside jokes for people familiar with the fictions he draws upon, but I dont think appreciation really relies on recognition of the source material necessarily. The work on his site isn't terribly sophisticated and pretty much speaks for itself so there's not much else to say about it. He's definitely a good illustrator and a pretty strong graphic designer, and if you're any kind of culture nerd, you should be able to find some enjoyment in his work. His blog is a pretty comprehensive archive of his illustrations, so i suggest you czech it out. Link
Thanks for reading,

Saturday, April 9, 2011

I'll post in a little while but right now I am feeling supremely unmotivated. In the meantime, here is a pair of gifs I made on Friday (Friday, gotta get down on Friday).


Friday, April 1, 2011


Dirty Beaches is lying in the back of an old beat up car that's filled with smoke, because you're smoking but also because the driver's smoking too, maybe, if there even is a driver, the smoke's been wafting around (windows closed) and this isn't even your first cigarette, there's a pack on the floor (slightly crumpled (really, only lightly)) and you are daydreaming, caught up, it's hazy and you are on the road and the lights go by in fine hypnagogic form and you feel alone and if you could only put things in perspective and see the actual passage and travel of the car you would know you are right.

I thought about writing more but end-of-america music seems better off alone.

Snag: Badlands s/t cassette