Sunday, April 24, 2011


happy easter and all that


I apologize a lot (about lack of posting). There is maybe a semi-legitimate reason here though, as I was in San Francisco for about half my spring break, so I couldn't have posted then. Anyways, as a present of sorts here is a mix to celebrate the spring season and the feeling of not-being-cold.


1. Rangers - Deerfield
2. Sweet Draemz - WALSH
3. Honesty - Weed Diamond
4. Dreaming - Seapony
5. I Can Be Dreamy - COOLRUNNINGS
6. The Air Was Cold, But The Sun Was Hot - XO Kid
7. 'I Love Money Island' - Stay Cool Forever
8. Drastic and Difficult - Big Troubles
9. Horse Steppin' - Sun Araw
10. It Doesn't Mean Shit - Golden Ages
11. Salao - Branches
12. Macaulay Culkin - Workout Culture
13. A Big Fan of the Pigpen - Guided by Voices
14. In Your Room - Ghost Animal
15. Lemonade - Braids
16. Planet Party - Games


regular posting will resume shortly, i imagine


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