Wednesday, December 14, 2011

bad boys II

Daniel said it,




i've been in portland since august/september and it's pretty rad
there's less rain and work than i thought but it's a good balance
the only real bummer i can think of is that most shows are 21+ but i saw dan deacon a few weeks ago and he was filled with good vibes
otherwise i've just seen shows hosted at my school which isn't bad at all
surfer blood, thee oh sees, das racist, total bros, weed, and hausu have all rocked it (along with a buncha other bands)
people dance at shows here, it's nice
as far as what i've been up to, i finished recording some songs back in august and daniel did some art for me
if ya check it out i will love you forever

i've also taken some pics and am trying to get a photo zine together at some point

i'm in the airport right now about to leave for berlin



Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Hey anyone, as it turns out, we haven't completely forgotten about this blog. I've been at Rhode Island School of Design for the last three months and things have been pretty hectic. On the bright side, I have been making art a lot, and I guess I probably have some stuff I could share. Providence is a lovely and tiny city, and I've started longboarding to get around. In fact, my new board came in just yesterday:
Unfortunately, I'm still in the midst of final critique week so I won't have time for a proper art post for a few more days. Anyway, we're back, and I'm pretty confident we'll be able to get a respectable blog running again.