Monday, January 16, 2012

slayin it

DRAGONSLAYER (2011) OFFICIAL TRAILER from Animals of Combat on Vimeo.

i saw this movie Dragonslayer i think two nights ago as part of the unknown pleasures american film festival here
it's a documentary about skreech sandoval
not sure if it was "good" but it won a prize at sxsw so maybe it is

one thing i can definitely say was that it had a rad soundtrack that was done mostly by mexican summer
and had bands like best coast, real estate, thee oh sees, jacuzzi boys, and a lot more

i liked it
i think the best parts were probably the shots of him skating pools in fresno
it made me want to skate and actually be decent or something or just have a good time
i like movies that make you want to do things

even though i think those were the "best parts" i mostly liked it because it wasn't too much about him being skater
even the parts that had him at skate events and things seemed to focus more on him as a person maybe
it seemed "real" to me because it made me feel confused about him
whether i "liked" him or not
documentaries should do that maybe, be somewhat objective and let you decide things
instead of michael moore-ing it

anyway here's a vid of him skating a pool
if you can see the movie i'd recommend it probably if you like mexican summer and you like skateboarding
it's short so you won't get bored

Thursday, January 12, 2012

I made something

I made this for my "Monster" class. The assignment was to create a piece about beauty and/or repulsion. I made an anthropomorphic pig that's supposed to look at the differences in the symbolic meanings of pigs and fatness in western and Chinese cultures.

Made of unfired clay.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

lookin' back


i'm still in berlin and have 2 weeks left here
things here seem kinda slow and rainy and cold, but

it's hecka rad

i'm really excited to come back in the summer and go to a ton of shows and drink coffees at the tables outside cafes
right now i'm just psyched to get back to school and hang out with my friends 'n' stuff though

2012 seems like it'll be pretty cool
i'll meet up again with Daniel and the rest of my buds from high school probably
i miss them a lot
2011 wasn't bad though
i feel like since i have "blogged about music" i'm supposed to do a best of list
that doesn't make sense to me though, there's still so much i haven't heard
i don't even feel able to do a favorites list, i'll just forget rad stuff
so i made two mixes
eleven songs each
jamz and then some chill jamz

listen to 'em here (if ya want):



cop 'em

Monday, January 2, 2012

The Grind

New year, new groove. Tomorrow I go back to RISD and the next day, Wintersession starts. Wintersession is six weeks of elective classes, and it's meant to be a kind of break. I'm taking a painting course and a film course and will maybe be looking for ways to be a bit more enterprising than I've been in the past months. In old news: I think I promised to show some more work of mine, so here is a drawing from my first semester drawing class, and a link to all of my assignments from that class. Some are more conventional, and some are experimental to varying degrees. My work from other classes is not so well organized so I may take a while on that.

oh and they are all like 12 square feet at least

Life has been good, except for Alec being trapped thousands of miles away all the time. There's always the internet anyway. Above all, I am excited for 2012. And if it's the last year of human existence, it had better be a good one.

Happy new years!

Oh ya and alec's album roxx