Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year

Party hard or take it easy.Love, Daniel and Alec

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Concept Art

First things first: Go down and look at Alec's last post if you haven't.

Don't tell anyone but I am secretly a nerd. As such, I'm a real sucker for sci-fi and fantasy culture. I think something really tragic and beautiful about so many games, movies and shows is the concept art. Tragic because it's rare that the final product ever matches the feel of the concept art, and beautiful because, well:

Yeah, C3PO used to be very Metropolis. Star Wars is one of rather few movies that reliably lived up to its concept art. Often, it occurs that when concept art is held up next to the finished product, they seem like two independent IPs. This isn't really a bad thing, and can make up for some interesting contrasts between the concept and the way it is carried out. I think concept art might be what really sparked my interest in illustration, and it's definitely the kind of thing that I can see myself doing.
What really constitutes concept art is kind of nebulous but I've read it defined as illustration with the objective of representing and idea, design, or mood for another creative work, be it a video game, movie, or comic book. For a little reference, I'll throw some stuff up that calls itself concept art:
This is a digital painting by Tim McBurnie. Scenes this involved are usually limited to the pages of comics and webcomics because of the relative cheapness to produce compared to the cost of making a movie or game. At any rate, I am into exploring fictional worlds and I think concept art generally makes them seem a lot more concrete and nearer to existent, whether or not the art is made as part of a bigger production or in relation to an existing work. See more of Tim's work here:

This is the work of Matt Gaser, and it pains me to post only one image of his, but I'll post the link to his portfolio in a sec. Something I am noticing as I write this is it seems like many of the illustrators that use digital painting assume a sometimes of generic style full of colorful, glowy luminosity when painting big scenes. It might have something to do with the wide appeal of the style. It doesn't really bother me, because there is enough variety between scenes and in they way that certain elements are handled that I don't really get tired of looking at concept art. Mostly, it just makes me really want to get a Cintiq. Matt Gaser Home

A blog that I came across while looking for artists was Muddy Colors. Muddy Colors is "An Illustration Collective" and they have a lot of guest posts by working illustrators. I think it's a really good resource of information and expect to probably visit it more in the future. I hope you liked this post and Alec and I promise to post more regularly soon.


Wednesday, December 8, 2010


So I guess because I started it as a draft a while ago, the latest post is below Daniel's post, so look there.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

College Update

So some good news came in the mail today. I went to a National Portfolio Day at VCU last month, and had my portfolio looked at by a MICA (Maryland Institute College of Art) admissions officer. The woman was generally very enthusiastic about my work, which was a big confidence boost and I guess she really did like it, because today, I found out that my portfolio has been approved, meaning I don't need to send one in as part of my application package. "In fact, the quality of your portfolio placed it in the top 25% of those we have reviewed so far this year." Wutup. This is very good news because MICA is pretty much my top choice school, up there with CMU and RISD.

In other news, I have been watching a lot of Starcraft 2 commentaries. I have always enjoyed Real-time Strategy Games, and although I have not really put that much time into getting good at them, I think they are very interesting. If you are interested, and even if you are not, I will be posting some links to a few of the commentators that I follow.

Another Link
Third Link
A final link, but as far as you're concerned a link that is exactly as attractive as the three before it.

I hope you decide to click one of those, and sorry we haven't been very consistent with posting, but we will get better, I promise. Alec promises too.


Friday, December 3, 2010

That Time of Year

So as the year comes to an end it is time for me (like everyone else) to make a favorites of the year list. Not necessarily the "best" albums or whatever, but just my faves. It is a "top 17" list because I am 17.

17. Astrocoast - Surfer Blood

16. Down There - Avey Tare

15. M M R - Mickey Mickey Rourke

14. Broken Dreams Club - Girls

13. Hippies - Harlem

12. High Violet

11. Romance is Boring/All's Well That Ends EP

10. Islomania - Lester Brown

Lester Brown is the number 1 most underrated "chillwave" artist. His only release so far, Islomania is so incredibly good. I've listened to it a ton this year, and featured a song from it ("American Smokes") in the summer mix and also posted about him. He's also collaborated with Mickey Mickey Rourke under the name Mickey Brown and their songs are awesome as well. Islomania is available for FREE on Lester Brown's myspace, so check it out pleeeease.

Also: check out a vid:

Lester Brown // Let Your Hair Grow from Jarred Beeler on Vimeo.

9. Beach Fossils - Beach Fossils

This album was pretty perfect for summer. It's sorta similar to the Drums, only it doesn't suck (sorry, but except for their EP they totally suck). Really fun to drive to. Their new Face It/Distance 7" is really great as well and only shows more promise.

8. King of the Beach - Wavves

♥ Wavves. This album will hopefully have shut up all the people who said that he wrote shit songs and just hid it by lo-fi recording. While I do miss his old noise and fuzz, King of the Beach has just as much energy as his other albums. The addition of a bassist also really helped things especially when live.

7.Turning On/Didn't You 7"/Leave You Forever

They just refuse to stop making good music. I felt really bad when basically no one danced when they opened for Wavves.

6. The Years/To the Lighthouse 7" - Memoryhouse

Really excellent, soothing music. Posted about 'em before with lotsa vids.

5. Earl - Earl Sweatshirt

I think it's always really weird when bands get popular a while after they've released stuff. This happened with Earl Sweatshirt and basically all of OFWGKTA. I don't really like too much rap, but Earl is just incredible. Fuck Kanye/Drake/Kid Cudi/Lil' Wayne. Listen to Earl Sweatshirt

4. Various Jeans Wilder Releases

I don't really know what to put for a pic here because I've gotten so many songs by Jeans from various mixes/websites and stuff that I'm not even sure of what all his releases are. He does have his first LP, Nice Trash, that comes out today so you should probably buy that. Jeans Wilder has flirted with popularity, especially on a split 7" with Best Coast, but drone-y sad beach songs are not really all that well liked. It's a shame really.

3. Everything in Between - No Age

More polished and built up than anything they've done before. Still awesome/noisey/fun.

2. Teen Dream - Beach House

It's hard for me to think of Teen Dream as coming out in 2010 because it leaked so so early. It's incredible though. Filled with dreams, reverb, and Victoria Legrand.

1. Halcyon Digest - Deerhunter

Deerhunter. Bradford Cox has had quite the year. Aside from releasing Halcyon Digest (on my birthday no less) he also put out 4 albums for free as Atlas Sound on his blogspot (his label got mad at him and tried to remove them though. The release posters/street team was a really cool idea and hopefully you printed them out and stuck them everywhere. There is an in depth review of this album posted earlier, but it is a little different than other Deerhunter. Still amazing though. "He Would Have Laughed" the ending track dedicated to Jay Reatard is incredibly depressing and the perfect closer. You must listen to this.

- Alec