Sunday, January 8, 2012

lookin' back


i'm still in berlin and have 2 weeks left here
things here seem kinda slow and rainy and cold, but

it's hecka rad

i'm really excited to come back in the summer and go to a ton of shows and drink coffees at the tables outside cafes
right now i'm just psyched to get back to school and hang out with my friends 'n' stuff though

2012 seems like it'll be pretty cool
i'll meet up again with Daniel and the rest of my buds from high school probably
i miss them a lot
2011 wasn't bad though
i feel like since i have "blogged about music" i'm supposed to do a best of list
that doesn't make sense to me though, there's still so much i haven't heard
i don't even feel able to do a favorites list, i'll just forget rad stuff
so i made two mixes
eleven songs each
jamz and then some chill jamz

listen to 'em here (if ya want):



cop 'em

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