Sunday, September 19, 2010

Olivier Kugler


So, the school year's started, and hopefully it will bring some kind of regularity with it. I've got my plate full with arts and whatnot, so maybe look forward to seeing some of my better arts, unless you're not into that kind of stuff, in which case, you can just skip those posts- whatever works. In the meantime, I somehow found Olivier Kugler.

As he states on his site, Olivier loves to draw on location or from his own reference photos, and he does it very well. Most of his illustrations are simple portraits or very photographically framed scenes(if that makes sense). I really like his portraits; I think the best way I could describe them is as unmistakable approximations(if that also makes any sense). To expand on that, I guess you could say they don't precisely represent the people they depict, but the drawings are still pretty unquestionably them.

This picture is bigger than I'd like to include, but I like it too much to leave it out, so if you haven't clicked it yet, please do yourself the favor of clicking it. I find it really striking for the amount of detail and the annotations that really insert you into the scene. I also love the way the scenes bleed into each other, and how certain areas are a lot more developed than others;I think that in on-location drawing, the selective development of parts of the scene can be especially effective at drawing attention to certain subjects, and conveying a sense of motion or even stillness, from the apparent passage of time.

Okay, transparency issues are making this next pic. come out strangely, but I think it's worth the click.
Also, a pretty gnarly map:

Definitely check out this set of his illustrations if you've got some time to spare! LINK


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