Thursday, September 16, 2010

XO Kid / Emily Reo

hey there

First up is XO KID. I am maybe a little biased because I am actually friends withe this guy in real life, but hawt dang his music is good and underrated. He makes some good ol-lo fi pop filled with distored keyboards, sampler stuuuf, and even a lil' bit of guitar here and there. Some of his stuff is more "beat-like" (and it's good too) but his songs with singing are better than his instrumentals. Best of all, his music is free!!! FREE!! download it here:

Make sure to check out "Bleach" and "The Air Was Cold but the Sun Was Hot" (my personal faves.

Next up on the agenda for today is Emily Reo

She is some gal from Orlando, Florida who (i assume alongside with that fellow playing the drums) makes some absolutely great, lo-fi, hazy, synth-filled, dreamy-dream-dream pop songs. Her music sounds a lot what a super-stripped down, "poorly recorded" Beach House would sound like. There are synth-y organs, soothing reverb lady voice, and some interesting drums and guitar too. Similar to XO Kid, her music if FREEFREE! (well sort of, her newest realease (Witch Mtn requires payment). You can download her album Minha Gatinha here on her bandcamp: As well as a pretty awesome cover of Built to Spill's "Car".

- Alec

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