Saturday, February 19, 2011


Listen to Speculator. If you don't recognize the samples, you are old. It's not for everyone, sure, but if you had a childhood, not so long ago, your ears will perk up. The haze will clear from your eyes and your ears will perk up and you are a cat and you will have that feeling that you have heard that somewhere before and you are right. From those old cartoons, from those old sit-coms and tv shows and radio programs and everything. His lifestyle tape is absolutely kickin'. It's only 7 bucks and he makes them himself juuust for you. If you can't understand what a Super Shredder is or reasonably infer, you are an oldie. Not a bad thing. This tape will make you young again.

Free download from his official Angelfire: 21st century!

I've heard James Ferraro described as "the King of Drone". It could be true. It could not be true. I'm no drone-expert I can't say. What I can say is that I listened to a 14 minute drone piece by this feller and it was pretty superb. What's more, I can say that his latest album, Night Dolls with Hairspray is even better. It's not even (too) drone-y. Chock full of sick 'n' twisted jams about high school and life and girls and babes and hunks and hucksters and nerds and jocks. It's the John Hughes album Ariel Pink never released because it was too weird for him. If James Ferraro was a Breakfast Club character, he'd be the one that dies.


- xoxo Alec
(sorry I suck so much and it took a whole month to post. wowee)

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