Sunday, March 20, 2011



These are the things that Alec told me to write about. So it shall be.

So PAX East, which I may or may not have mentioned a year ago, happened March 11-13. If you don't remember that far back, or if I am lying, PAX East is the east coast version of Seattle's Penny Arcade Expo, started by the creators of the web comic Penny Arcade. It was off the chain, yo. Last year I totally did it wrong, putting way too much importance on trawling the expo floor for loot. This year I had the right idea, and although I didn't hear Mike and Jerry (of Penny Arcade) talk as much I would have liked, I did hear some good speakers, and got a chance to see some of Boston with some okay guys.
One good piece of loot I got was the Dungeons and Dragons Starter Set. I've wanted to get a table together for a while and will soon be living out my nerdiest fantasies. I reckon I'll be DMing a table including Alec and some other nerds in not too long.
Oh, also I got autographs from some of my favorite vaguely famous people: Mike Krahulik, Dan Paladin, and Scott Kurtz.
And there was a giant pikachu.
As for Nutella: I am like an addict or something. I ran out a few weeks ago and until today refused to allow myself to buy more for my thighs' sakes. What caused me to cave was a bit of culinary experimentation with frying things in pancake batter. I tried frying a banana covered in nutella and was happy with the results, so I'll be doing a lot more of the sort. Also, the Nutella was on sale at the same time as buttermilk Wonderbread so it was hard not to buy both.

My school's art department went to New York on Friday on its annual visit to the Met and MoMA. I think I took some quality photos that I'll be learning how to develop on Monday. Not much to say about it until I've got pictures to talk about.

Thanks for reading this sham of a post.


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