Wednesday, May 25, 2011


PURE X (you may know them, previously, as Pure Ecstasy) is sitting in the kitchenette of a friend's with a friend (not necessarily that friend (although that is acceptable)) feeling warm feeling content and everything is still going on around you but you are separate and removed and can just "chill" and look back and understand and feel akin to lying with your head in between two pillows feeling "not fucked".

there's a chance that i wrote about these guys before but it has been so long since we've posted and i didn't want to lose motivation. they don't have any official albums or anything (just 7"s i think) and are really easy to just hype machine or something.

PURO INSTINCT is karen smith of the plastics of mean girls. she is very polished to a degree of plasticity yet despite this sheen not bad. It is off putting at first giving false impressions but when you delve a little deeper and get to know her you find that even she is actually very nice and has a "good personality" with well meaning intentions and ideas and you wouldn't expect it but there is creativity in her and a creation of something unique.

Headbangers in Ecstasy

we still suck

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