Monday, May 30, 2011

Richard Long

Hey there,
I'm just going to get right into this. Richard Long is a geographical sculptor, which is to say his sculptures are inspired by geography and affect it. He's been working since the mid 60's, and his website shows and tells of his love for exploration and sensitivity to an individual's interaction with his environment. Many of his sculptures represent (or, are) paths created by walking over and over in the same area, and many others are simply visual representations of travel, energy, and geography.
This is an instillation done for the Sao Paulo Biennial, called White River Line. While some of his works represent naturally occurring landforms, others deal more with different ways of visualizing distances traveled. Via:
"A line the same length as a straight walk from the bottom to the top of Silbury Hill." Mostly I just think his work is very clever and unlike what any other artist I have seen. So, look at his stuff. I cant write anymore tonight. We are shitty.


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