Thursday, February 16, 2012

Business as Usual

Well my winter semester is over, so I have some work I can show, but I'll also talk a bit about some artists whose work I've seen around, cause I've definitely not done enough of that lately.

I may have mentioned being in a class called Monster, it's a class in the Painting major (and actually I took it to learn painting,) but basically all of the assignments were open to any material, except a sound project and this movie: "Oh Deer"

The antlers in the movie were the piece that i had made the previous week for the prompt "metamorphosis." I'm pretty happy with how both turned out, and thankful to have had good partners in making the movie.

And for proper art.
Here is work by Jeffery Vallance. These are from a series of little reliquaries that kind of relate the personal sentimentality of some artifacts to the sacredness of pieces of holy figues or whatever. I think stuff like this is clever and sort of comforting in a non-superficial way.

I'm not feeling talkative enough to write a really wordy post, so I will leave you with some rad illustrations by Andrew Schoultz, who I think Alec might have introduced me to. Very "cool" style of illustration, seems very marketable.
-Daniel <3

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