Tuesday, May 18, 2010


This post will be good for you if you're not big on reading, but you are big on looking at kind of weird pictures.

Hey! I'm not going to lie, I'm get pretty stoked every time I look at these pictures. I recently grabbed a Moleskine sketchbook, because I felt like I had too much money and I wanted to have none. I like the color of the paper and I guess it's stimulated my creativity gland, because on Monday, I came up with this fella:

Well, he's a little rough, and I tend to like to replicate and perfect the stuff I draw, so after a page of failures, I came up with these two:
click to enlarge
I know there are some flaws, but I really like these bird-mole things, and I think I will try coloring them. Related: I recently figured that wet acrylics look kind of like watercolors, so I will be experimenting with that. One last guy:
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He's definitely the most complex of the group. Again, there are some flaws, but I think it shows that he's the most recent one. I say this a lot, but I really hope you like these.