Saturday, May 8, 2010

Show Review!: Preview!: Everest!

Hey, I'm going to get something out of the way so that when Alec Does his Show Review for Minus The Bear, he won't have to talk about this very much.


Everest was the second of three acts last night. I didn't really like how these guys looked or how they sounded. I lacked the foresight to look them up beforehand, but Alec had, and he said they were pretty quiet, so I wasn't expecting what I got.

I snapped this nifty photo with my phone's camera. I only took a picture of the bassist because he played rather well and I think he was really the only interesting looking member of the band, beside the shockingly greasy lead guitar. Their music was not very good. They were not as bad as James Husband, but they definitely reminded me of him; loud, forgettable rock, suffering from the common problem of a singer almost entirely drowned out by drums and guitars. The tragedy of it is that the stuff on their myspace is quite good, and very unlike their live music. Last Word: Listen to their recorded stuff, but try to avoid seeing them in concert.


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