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MEGA POST!: part 1 of a mega-summer mix/playlist consisting of "mega-chill summer jamz"

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hey bros. i'm not gonna lie, i just get so stoked every time i realise that it is now officially summer (even though we are still stuck in school). if you have been reading this blog attentively you may remember that i posted a summer mix a while back in winter. i was really tired of cold weather. actually, it is now a little too hot and humid for my taste. i think i like the idea of summer and the freedom and no responsibilities and fun and hangin' with friends more than the real thing (which is not to say i don't enjoy the real thing). anyways, here is part 1 of a mix/playlist compiled exclusively for listening to during summer or while thinking about summer. think of this as disc 1 of a two disc album, or, the A side of a vinyl record, or, Side A of a cassette tape. it may be interesting for you to compare this to my earlier summer mix to see how my tastes have changed/progressed/been influenced by the far-to-humid summer weather. i really hope you enjoy it though.

Link: (This part is tentatively titled Kids on Holiday, after the song of the same name which appears on it).


1. Beach Comber - Real Estate

I really like Real Estate, and this is my favorite song of theirs. There is something about their twangy, reverb drenched, washed out/far away sound that is very summery and relaxing and "chill". Their s/t full length came out last year and is great, I heartily recommend it to everyone.

2. Mega Secrets - Family Portrait

I don't really know much about this band, but I enjoy their stuff. I first heard them on a compilation by the Friendship Bracelet Club.

3. Providence - The Love Language

This song is quite fun. I found out about this band last summer and listened to this song a heckuva bunch, so I guess there are some summer memories behind it. They are sorta reminescent of bands like Dr. Dog and The Magic Kids. Lo-fi retro pop excellence.

4. People - Silver Jews

The most criminally overlooked band. There album American Water is one of the best albums ever, but vastly overlooked. Stephen Malkmus plays guitar, Dave Berman sings and writes the tunes. There are other members too. Dave's lyrics are very amazing, but there is some nonsense/"out there" lyrics so beware. The band Suburban Kids With Biblical Names got their name from this song. Listen to "Random Rules" as well.

5. Twin Peaks - Surfer Blood

Man, I really, really like this band, I think Astrocoast is maybe my favorite debut this year so far. It's kinda odd, cause when i first heard "Swim (To Reach the End)" last year I really didn't like it, but they really grow on you. My recent love is sparked by a friend including their song "Floating Vibes" on a mix she made for me. This song is my favorite of there's I think. Key Lyric: "Why is everything a chore? I'm too young to be defeated" Youth and no responsibilities is what summer is all about. Sort of surfy lo-fi-ish garage pop with reverby vocals. It's really excellent.

6. Droplet on a Hot Stone - Julian Lynch

Julian Lynch has some cool songs, they are really lo-fi and far away sounding. He's very akin to Ducktails I think.

7. Shore Patrol - Fluffy Lumbers

Man, I really like this song (and Fluffy Lumbers in general) a whole lot. He's from NJ and is kind of a part of that whole Real Estate/Ducktails/Julian Lynch scene. Very beachy, summery tunes, he has only one EP out I think.

8. Fair Weather Friends - Daedelus

This is a little different from all the other stuff I have on here. This song is a lot different from most of Daedelus' other stuff too (I don't really like a lot of his stuff). He sounds sort of like Flying Lotus so if that is your thing I'd recommend him. This song's good though, fun samples and beat and stuff.

9. New Wife, New Life - Truman Peyote

This song is very heavily AnCo influenced. I like it a lot, but I don't really like much of Truman Peyote's other stuff, excluding a couple of songs. A lot of it is sort of unlistenable in my opinion.

10. Kids on Holiday - Animal Collective

You probably know AnCo so I won't really go into them. However, I will say that I really really really like Sung Tongs and think it is a superb summer album.

11. In Spain - Vadoinmessico

I don't really know much about this band. This song's quite fun though. There is a definite latin/spanish influence (as noted by the title) in this song with fun rhythms and guitar and percussion. The voice is definitely tinged by an accent as well. I think most everyone will probably enjoy this one.

12. Summertime - Girls

I love Girls. At first I wasn't really into them but "Lust for Life" is such a irresistable, catchy pop song and that kind of lead me into listening to all their stuff. All the songs off Album are good and fun. While some of the songs are sad/mopey (in a good way) they don't need to be taken seriously, they just need to be enjoyed. They also do a lot of good songs that weren't released on the album, I'd recommend "Heartbreaker".

13. Texico Bitches - Broken Social Scene

Broken Social Scene is a band I forget a lot about, but love every time I listen to. You Forgot it in People is truly a great album and one I always come back to. There's a lot of variety and I like how they are a large band with a lot of rotating members but a kind of core sound. This song's off their new album and I like it a lot.

14. Summer - Modest Mouse

Good song by my favorite ever band off the great The Fruit that Ate Itself EP.

15. July, July! - The Decemberists

The first Decemeberists song I heard, so I guess there is some nostalgia here. It's quite a fun song.

16. Crushed Bones - Why?

I've been listening to a lot of Why? recently. While I generally don't like rap/hip hop these guys pull it off quite well and a lot of their songs aren't technically hip-hop but there is a definite heavy influence. If you know some other bands like them please let me know. Great, great lyrics by Yoni.

17. Boardwalk Theme - Desolation Wilderness

Read about them here:

18. Young Hearts Spark Fire - Japandroids

Japandroids are awesome. A two-piece drums/guitar garage-y band where they both sing and play their hearts out. There songs are very fun and have a youth-y "let's just have fun and do stuff" feel to them. I listened to Post-Nothing more than any other album last summer. Japandroids are summer. simple as that. Check out their new song "Younger Us". They were also featured on my previous summer mix.

19. Tunguska - Cymbals Eat Guitars

Cymbals is another band that I found out about and listened to a lot last summer. I've seen them live several times and they completely kill (look up the show review about them and Los Camp). They're super nice guys as well, and their facebook fan page is really fun. This song wasn't on their album, Why There Are Mountains, but it, along with their other new songs, is great.

20. Relax at the Beach - The Sandwitches

Read about them here:

21. All My Friends - LCD Soundsystem

I don't really like most of LCD Soundsystem too much, but I quite enjoy their non-electro-dancey songs, like this one. The piano riff/jive is absolutley rad. It's very fun and anthemy and free-spirited but there is also a "tinge of melancholy". I think it's quite a good closer to part 1 of this mix.

Stay tuned for part 2.


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