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Mega Post!: part 2 of a mega-summer mix/playlist consisting of "mega-chill summer jamz"

Hello again! Welcome to the "long-awaited" part 2 of a rather large (perhaps even too large) mix/playlist consisting of songs that, at least in my opinion, are very summer-y and have a summer vibe or, at the very least, are summer themed or have the summer-related words in their title. I apologize for the somewhat-long gap in between posts, I had some trouble organizing this half, but I hope you enjoy it and are able to "chill out" or "jam with some friends" to it. Also, I really wish I had posted this yesterday, since, I found out thanks to google, was actually the first official day of summer. I think that would have been more fitting, but today was my very last day of school so it works out better for me, and hopefully you can settle for that.

Link: http://8tracks.com/discretemath/down-at-the-sea (this half of the mix is titled Down at the Sea, after the song of the same name which appears on it (it is not the "best" song, at least in my opinion on it, but it's name worked out well as a summer-themed title for a summer-themed mix.)


1. Right Ting - Toro Y Moi

Yes, that is the correct spelling, it is not a typo on my part. A little while ago I saw a list of "the 25 best new bands in the world". I have to admit, I was more than a little skeptical about this list. While it featured some great, great bands (like Cymbals Eat Guitars) it also featured total shit (like Sleigh Bells (sorry Sleigh Bells fans)) and bands that are by no means "new" (like Atlas Sound (although he (Bradford Cox) definitely deserves to be on "best of " lists). Anyways, Toro Y Moi was on this list, and he was one of the bands I was a little skeptical about. Do not "get me wrong", I enjoyed Causers of This and thought it was a pretty good "chillwave" record, maybe among the best out there, but in the grand scheme of things, I wouldn't have called him great. However, my opinion has recently changed. With the release of songs like "Leave Everywhere" and "Right Ting", he's shown a definitive move towards "lo-fi summer/beach jamz" and I think his stuff is much better this way and is really awesome, especially this song.

2. Walkabout (w/ Noah Lennox (a.k.a. Panda Bear)) - Atlas Sound

Man, I love Atlas Sound. That Bradford Cox is simply amazing. He rules in Deerhunter as well, alongside Lockett Pundt (whose stuff as Lotus Plaza is quite good too). This is one of his more fun songs, featuring a sample from The Dovers' "What Am I Going to Do". It's all about growin' up and not knowing for sure what you want to do about things (this sentence applies to both songs but is directed towards "Walkabout"). Great, great song, check out both Logos and Let the Blind Lead Those Who Can See But Cannot Feel

3. Bad Kids - Black Lips

The Black Lips are a fun punk/garage-y band who apparently have quite wild and raucous live shows (I've tried to see them but it didn't work out, it's maybe worth looking up tales of the things that have happened at shows past). This is their most popular song, but it's very fitting for summer so that's why it's on here.

4. I Am a Girlfriend - Nobunny

I like Nobunny a lot a lot a lot. Really fun retro-poppy-garage-y-punk-y tunes. This is probably my favorite of his, and if you like it I strongly recommend his album Love Visions. For fans of bands like Smith Westerns, Hunx and his Punx (who were, rather oddly, recently featured in a Lenscrafters commercial), King Khan and BBQ Show, and maybe even Girls.

5. Heavy Metal Drummer - Wilco

I don't really think Wilco need an explanation, but if you don't know them they are super great. This is the most accessible song off their magnum opus Yankee Hotel Foxtrot (except for Kamera, which I think kinda sucks) and is about Jeff Tweedy reminiscing about seeing some heavy metal bands on landings in the summer, only then his gal falls in love with the drummer.

6. Heavy Cloud Hustle - Blind Man's Colour

AnCo wannabes, but in a good way. This is the only song I've heard of theirs, but I really have been meaning to check out more. They're from Florida, but I like how they have the british spelling of color. I also like how both this song and preceding one begin with he word Heavy.

7. Strictly Game - Harlem Shakes

I listened to these guys' debut, Technicolor Health, a good bit last summer. Their song "Sunlight" was on my old summer mix I believe. This is more of a new year's song I think, but it can work for the start of a new school year and things like that. Unfortunately they're now broken up.

8. Let's Burn One Down - Weed Diamond

Don't really know much about this guy, but this is the only song out of a few that I've listened to by him that I've liked. Fun, incredibly "poorly recorded" pop.

9. Beach Boy - Buffalo Moon

I really like this song. I've listened to it a lot recently. It's off of their cassette, Wetsuit. As the title indicates, it's very summer-y and there is a definite Beach Boys influence I think.

10. Go Outside - Cults

This is a nice song that makes good use of a glockenspiel I think. You might know it already since it got some hype. It was released on a 7" put out by Forest Family Records (featured in this sweet post: http://ourmathissodiscrete.blogspot.com/2010/06/forest-family-records.html). A fun tune

11. Hey Boy - The Magic Kids

This band's really fun and I think they have a bright future ahead of them. The song is extremely retro-poppy (in a good way) and great.

12. Nobody Could Change Your Mind - Generationals

I don't really know anything about this band, but I enjyoed this song by them. Also worth checking out their song "When They Fight, They Fight" maybe.

13. Down At the Sea - Beat Happening

This song, by twee-gods Beat Happening, is about a beach party hosted by "Mr. Fish". It's really fun, but sloppy and simple, like all of their songs. It doesn't feature the deep, "dulcet" tones of Calvin Johnson (who also played with The Halo Benders (with Dough Martsch) and founded the great K Records), and I'd highly recommend their other stuff.

14. Big Dipper - Built to Spill

I don't think I need to introduce/explain Built to Spill, they're awesome. This is from one of their earlier albums, There's Nothing Wrong With Love, along with smash-mega-hit "Car".

15. Range Life - Pavement

Let me apologize for putting Pavement on many of my mixes (at least it seems that way to me). It's just that I love them so much. While I guess they are a "hipster-band" I genuinely like them and think that the vast majority of their stuff is great. "Range Life" is off of their arguably-greatest album Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain, and makes fun of police officers (run from the pigs, the fuzz, the cops, the heat) as well as Smashing Pumpkins and The Stone Temple Pilots (they're foxy to me, are they foxy to you?)

16. American Smokes - Lester Brown

This guy's a relatively unknown "chillwave" artist. His only release, the Islomania EP is available for free download on his myspace. I highly recommend it, it's quite good and, since it's free, there's no reason not to. This was my favorite song off it. Very similar to stuff like Julian Lynch, Ducktails, Real Estate, etc.

17. Mickey Mouse - Wavves

WAVVES IS SUMMER. While he was at first loved by most, and now hated by many, Nathan Williams sure knows how to make some fun noise-pop summer tunes. He is known for writing songs about having fun and not caring about anything and just getting high and surfing and stuff. Those are some very summer-y themes if you ask me. He also makes fun of goths. This is off his new album, King of the Beach, which recently leaked and this song has a somewhat noticeable AnCo influence. I wanted to put one of his older, more noisy songs on here, but none would really fit with the rest of the mix. Check out "No Hope Kids" , "So Bored", "California Goths", "To The Dregs", "Cool Jumper", and "King of the Beach". Seeing him on Friday and super excited for it.

18. Daydream - Beach Fossils

A friend of mine sent me a link to a Beach Fossils song a while back, and I thought it was alright, just another summer-tinged tune, but nothing special. I got their album about a week ago though, and boy, do I love it. I've listened to it daily and it's actually quite good and great to drive around to. I'm seeing them in august opening for Here We Go Magic and have rather high expecations for them. A new summer favorite of mine.

19. Golden Sea - French Films

The only song (at least that I know of and that is posted on their myspace) by some guys in a country world-renowned for it's awesome beaches, warm weather, and great waves for surfing. I am talking of course, of Finland. Jokes aside, these guys are great. They sound a lot like beach fossils but maybe with more of a tinge of Joy Division and The Drums. I am excited for new material by them.

20. You and I - Washed Out ft. Caroline Polachek

A new-ish song by "chillwave" demi-god Washed Out featuring some guest vocals by that girl in Chairlift who enjoys headstands. About what you would expect from him, meaning it's a pretty good song. Definitely worth a listen.

21. You! Me! Dancing! - Los Campesinos!

Oh my, these guys certainly do have a penchant for exclamation marks. They're the band currently making my favorite music (I have other favorites who could and would give them a run for their money, only the stuff of theirs that I love was in the past and they're broken up or if they are still making music it's not as good as the old stuff (I am looking at you Modest Mouse). If you can handle the post-rock-esque intro you will be rewarded with a great song. Twee As Fuck.

22. Autumn Sweater - Yo La Tengo

I don't think Yo La Tengo needs any introduction or explanation (at least I hope they don't). This is one of their best known songs, and that's definitely for a reason. It is pretty close to perfect I think. Ira Kaplan writes some of my favorite love songs I think. I hope this song closes the mix nicely.

I really hope you enjoy the two parts to this one mix and don't mind my somewhat awful writing.

Thanks, and Enjoy - Alec

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