Friday, October 8, 2010

AP 2D Design

Hello you,

I may have two posts up before the day is out, but i'd like to share with you two illustrations that I've done for AP 2D Design. They're not necessarily done, but they're the done-est things I have at this point.

Feedback welcome.

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  1. As promised, I have discovered your blog. I saw some of the other covers (and am a fan of the minimalistic Huck Finn) but was more intrigued by these. I'm curious to know how your depiction of Frankenstein would change if you were to read the book (particularly regarding the subtitle: "The Modern Prometheus"). The story is certainly macabre and is a mainstay of gothic literature, however, the "monster" as he is understood today is very different from the one that Frankenstein creates in the book. The book is more tragic than horrific. Perhaps something to do with the doppelganger, one of the central themes in the novel? See what you think.

    I'm also curious about the insertion of the red whale in the Moby Dick cover. It seems to be an artistic flair. Perhaps to allude to the novel's outcome?

    As an aside, Mary Shelley explained to admirers and critics that the concept for Frankenstein had come to her in a dream: something that I thought would appeal to your sensibilities.