Friday, October 8, 2010


I thought briefly about saving this artist for Halloween, but I figure I'll come across another gem between now and then. Anyway, Alec showed me this fella's work and he definitely ranks among my favorite artists that I've written about. His name is John Kenn, and he posts his drawings on his blog, confusingly named "Don Kenn Gallery". His posts are all wordless and untitled; they are just drawings of monsters, and I think his blog is an ideal example of properly executed simplicity. According to the only words he has written on his blog, John writes and directs television shows for kids, and with twins of his own, is free time is lean, but he devotes some of it to drawing "monsterdrawings on post-it notes." It's as simple as that.
Though I know nearly nothing about him, I feel like I can relate to John in a way. Many of my doodles use a lot of patterns, and while this might not be the case for him, I find it very relaxing and, ultimately, rewarding to be able to remove myself from thought and just put lines on paper for a while and to eventually come up with something that I like to look at. Additionally, I appreciate the apparent intimacy that I feel in his drawings. By this I mean it seems like he draws for himself, and is simply sharing some of his personal drawings with us, because they lack the pretense of an artist who creates with and audience in mind.
I also enjoy drawing all sorts of creatures, so his little post-it illustrations are right up my alley, and I sure hope they're up yours, too.

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