Sunday, October 17, 2010

Things I Like/Midly Enjoy



Despite their terrible name (they are named after th
e Richter piece, but still, it's pretty bad and way too similar to Beach House) these guys are amazing. They are a duo, composer/ambient musician Evan Abeele and Denise Nouvion, and make beautiful, shimmery, sleep dream-pop. The background music is great by itself, but it is Nouvion's vocals that really make it great. They were lumped in with chillwave for some reason, but I think they're gonna make something of themselves. Check out the videos below as well as their tumblr, where they post cool vids as well as songs and older pieces by Abeele.

Memoryhouse - Bonfire from Jamie Harley on Vimeo.

Lately (Troisieme) - Memoryhouse Music Video from Malcolm Klock on Vimeo.

In My Room: Memoryhouse "When You Sleep" from Yours Truly on Vimeo.


The new Avey Tare (Down There). Avey's my fave of Animal Collective and I never really listened to Panda Bear's solo stuff until pretty recently (although I'm really liking it), and I really liked his older solo stuff (like "Abyss Song") and the album he did with ex-wife Kria Brekkan, so I had super high hopes for this. I've listened to it several times but I can't really make up my mind about it. None of the songs really stand out or are particularly great, but it really does flow well as an album. You should give it a listen, but don't expect to be blown away. I feel like a lot of people like it just because it's by Avey.


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