Monday, February 22, 2010

Show Review! : The Antlers! (and Editors and The Dig)

First off, let me apologize for our very infrequent posting habits (almost a week in between!). We're pretty bad about this, but will probably hopefully get better.
Anyways, last night I popped into DC to go see the Antlers. They were opening for Editors along with The Dig, who played before them. I so very much like their album Hospice (released 2009) (it's definitely one of my favorites ever), plus I'd heard some live recordings (which were great) so I was quite excited to see them. But first, The Dig.

They're kind of an indie-pop band, and the couple songs I'd heard before the show weren't the greatest so I was kinda dreading their set. They started right when they were supposed to (which was really great, sucks standing around waiting) and basically played songs for 30 mins or so, very little talking. Their stuff was much better live, I liked it, and seemed like the crowd was digging it too.

Next, THE ANTLERS. man oh man, was I excited. They opened with Kettering, moved onto Sylvia, then Bear, Two, and ended with Wake. They played slower more atmospheric/shoegazy versions of Bear and Two, which I thought was good, cause the album versions sound a lil' too happy, I think (I actually prefer the album version of Two, though). They were really, really, quite amazing. Their show was more keyboard oriented which was just dandy. Plus, Wake is my favorite song of theirs and is just a completely great song anyway. My one complaint is that their show was not as emotional as the record. Partly because of the arrangements of the songs, but very much also because of the crowd. A lot of people weren't there to see them, and these two asian ladies pushed their way in front of me and kept talking and looking through the crowd the whole time (thankfully they were really short).

Editors. meh. They sound soooo much like Interpol. Their show was pretty enjoyable, everyone was moving and they played several of the small amount of their songs that I actually know, so that was quite nice. However, they completely overloaded their show bass-wise, it was really poundin into ya.

All in all, a good night.

- Alec

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