Tuesday, February 9, 2010

This Is What Science Should Look Like:

Is this not the raddest thing you've seen today? It was when I saw it. The photographer's name is Caleb Charland and his photographs mostly depict contraptions of his own invention that demonstrate science in action. Often, he produces stunning effects of light with long exposure shots and multiple exposures. I'm no photography guy but in my amateur opinion, Charland is a master of both engineering and photography. At first glance, his devices seem intricate and delicate, but most are very simple, and I think that adds to the beauty of his work. I think the pictures will interest you much more than anything I have to say about them, so here ya go:


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  1. Hi You Guys,

    Saw this post and thought you might be interested in our project EYE BUY ART where me make art more accessible and more affordable to more people. Caleb's work is included!