Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Drums!/When I Was 12!

Hello everyone!

First, let me apologize for it being a while since we had a post. It's my fault, and to make it up to you, this post will feature two bands.
Lately, the weather's been awesome. Warm, sunny, and very little to no bugs. I just want to be outside all the time and listen to happy, summery music. That's where The Drums come in.
You might have heard of them, they got some hype last year for their song "Let's Go Surfing". I've been listening to their appropriately titled EP Summertime! and I really really love it. They sound a bit like the more surf-y songs of the Beach Boys if Robert Smith (of The Cure) was their singer. My favorite song of theirs is probably "Saddest Summer", which, despite the name, is the most dance-y song on there. Once the bass starts going, it is just impossible to feel down or sad, or anything other than happy. They're putting out their debut album this year I believe, and it should be great. Hopefully it comes out in time for summer.

Next up, When I Was 12. The easiest way to describe their sound would be a twee, folky version of Au Revoir Simone. They've both got girl singers who sing in harmony, but I'd have to say that I prefer When I Was 12. I'm a twee fan, so that's one point for them, but their songs/melodies/harmonies are really, really, sweet (and I don't mean sweet as in "sweeeet, brah", but as in "aww, that's so sweet). They mostly sing love songs and the like, but I think they do it in a nice way, and they don't really come off as super cliches, the way a ton of love songs do.

Anyway, that's what I've been listening too recently.

- Alec

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