Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wesley Eggebrecht

Hello everyone, I've been so busy recently, it feels like weeks since I last posted, and Jamnesty is almost a distant memory, but I can scarce describe how good it is to have this source of regularity to come back to. So, some personal news: I was approached about being the staff artist for the school newspaper next year, so that should be a really cool thing to look forward to. I'm hoping that I don't find myself with too much on my plate, which could easily become the case, considering I plan to take five Advanced Placement classes, along with a pre-college course thing that's worth two credits. That, however, is a story that is yet to unfold.

Feels like quite a while since my last art review. Today I want to show you some work from a young man named Wesley Eggebrecht. Unlike some of the other artists I've talked about, I haven't asked Wesley about his creative process but I can tell you that he has a BFA in Illustration, and examples of his more traditional stuff can be found on his blog. Something I really love about his work is the super-expressive faces on his characters, almost to the point of caricatures. What adds to that is his bold use of color as demonstrated by the example above. If you head over to his blog, you can take a look at his t-shirt designs, where he has some cool/clever shirts. I'm not sure if any of them are for sale, but you can buy prints of some of his illustrations. From what I can deduce, he is freelance, and contracts with various companies that want neato designs - maybe something like what I might do when I become a good design kind of guy. His blog is pretty cool, too, though there's a bit of crass language, and some edgy, sort of grotesque characters, so it is not for everyone, but do check it out.

Sometime soon, I will try to make and post some original arts, so look forward to that.


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