Saturday, March 6, 2010

Matt Marblo

If you like cool things, this guy's your guy. Matt Marblo/ Wolfentir/ Wolfenheim is a student and "prentice sorcerer" at the School of Visual Arts in New York. Here's a cool thing that he made:
Matt's illustrations- and lately his animations- are an assortment of very cartoony, often surreal characters. His style is unique and his characters are cute, and mostly original, though sometimes influenced by television or various nerdy sources. I'm a big fan of his textures, namely the noticeable ones he creates with lines, but also the subtle ones that he creates digitally. A great example of his use of textures and color is:
The first work of his that I saw prompted me to ask him about how he made it. Like the lovely man he probably is, he was kind enough to respond in simple terms.

" i draw in flash overtop a regular drawing i scanned in, then ill add color n such and for the shop i brought it into photoshop and opened a texture i had downloaded, put it on a new layer and set it to overlay and ajusted the opacity settings until it looked good."

What a guy! And I think I will probably be doing something like this for my own illustrations in the future, now that I have the resources to do it. Anyhoozles, as his animation skills develop, Matt is definitely somebody to keep an eye on and you can do just that by clicking here. He's got some stuff for sale for pretty cheap, so totally buy it or something.

Oh! and I tribute him, not Adventure Time for my use of bendy arms.


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